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The steering wheel below the little secret, is related to the safety of your life!

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The steering wheel below the little secret, is related to the safety of your life!

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The steering wheel of a car is to contact every time you drive. It is based on the principle of torque, which is magnified by the force on the steering wheel and transferred to the steering system to control the direction of the car. Now the car's steering wheel is designed more and more beautifully, and the function is more and more, but everyone is in contact with the circle. As for what is inside the steering wheel, you may not know. Today we're going to talk about some small secrets inside the steering wheel.

First, let's look at all the beautiful steering wheels.

Now the function of the steering wheel is more and more. At the beginning, it only played the role of steering and steering system. Later, people added many functions, such as loudspeaker, airbag, multimedia control, cruise control, telephone answering, etc., which is called the multifunctional steering wheel. The advantage of this steering wheel is that the driver does not leave the steering wheel while operating the sound, answering the phone and so on, and continues to maintain control of the car. As you know, the steering wheel is rotated at any time, and the following wire harness is fixed, then how are the two connected?

It turned out that they were connected by a device called a clock spring.

The clock spring is also called rotary connector, airbag hairspring, spiral cable, it is used to connect the main airbag and airbag wire harness, switch button or the steering wheel and control unit, is actually a harness. Because the air bag and various control buttons with the rotation of the steering wheel (can be thought of as a harness, a definite length winding in the steering shaft, the reverse rotation of the steering wheel with the release can be timely or around tighter, but it is also a limit, to ensure that the wire harness not pulled off the steering wheel to the left right or killed when), so the connecting wire to a room, to ensure that the steering wheel to the side position to limit and not be broken. This point is particularly important when it is installed, and it must be kept in the middle.

The clock spring plays a very important role in the automobile safety system. Once the circuit in the clock spring is not properly connected, it will cause the airbag to not open normally when the vehicle collides, so that the life safety of the occupant can not be effectively protected.

The clock spring is usually installed at the bottom of the steering wheel of the vehicle or on the pipe column. It mainly consists of a flexible flat cable, a relatively rotating shell, a wire harness (conducting and pulling out line) and a connector, etc. In the left and right rotating movements of the steering wheel to ensure the normal circuit connection of the driver's side airbag, the horn switch and other electrical components.

   If you have seen a violent car accident, or have seen a car crash test, it is sure that the steering wheel will be deeply impressed by the damage to the body. The data also indicate that about 35% of the injuries of the vehicle are caused by the steering wheel, and most of the steering wheel will impact on the chest and abdomen of the body, which will cause fatal injury. Therefore, the research of safe steering wheel and steering control mechanism is an important subject of automobile safety. The current cars often use energy absorbing steering wheel and energy absorption steering column.

Energy absorption steering wheel  

Steering wheel consists mainly of rings, spokes, and wheels.

During a crash, the steering wheel skeleton is deformed (Figure 15-5) to absorb energy and reduce the degree of injury to the driver. In addition, the external surface of the steering wheel has a cushioning effect.


The steering shaft is a transmission part connecting the steering wheel and the steering gear. The steering column pipe is fixed on the body, and the steering shaft passes through the steering column pipe, and is supported on the bearing and bushing in the column pipe.

In addition to the requirements of cars equipped with energy absorbing steering wheels, the steering column must also require energy absorbing equipment can mitigate the impact. The basic working principle of the steering axle and the steering column energy absorbing device is that when the steering shaft is subjected to large impact and axial displacement, the impact energy can be absorbed through the plastic deformation of the steering column pipe or the bracket, and the dislocation of the steering shaft. Generally, it is divided into two ways, which are detachable and buffered energy absorption.

Detachable safety steering control mechanism:

The steering shaft of the mechanism is divided into two sections: the upper and the lower parts. When the collision happens, the upper and the lower two segments are separated from each other or slide each other, so as to avoid injury to the driver when the steering wheel moves behind the car when the first impact occurs. As shown in figure 15-6,

    The buffering energy steering steering mechanism: the operating mechanism can make the steering axle and steering string string shrink and absorb the impact energy after being impacted, so as to effectively alleviate the impact of steering wheel on the driver and reduce the degree of injury to the driver. According to its structure, it can be divided into grid steering Guan Zhu (Figure 15-7), bellows energy absorption device (Figure 15-8) and ball rolling deformation energy absorption device (Fig. 15-9).

   A small steering wheel, in which there are so many secrets. And these things are closely related to security. It can be seen that the car is safe and ubiquitous. Automobile engineers take great pains to make great efforts for our driving safety. When we are holding the steering wheel, we must keep in mind that safety is in our hands, and even in our hearts.


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